‘Jaw-Dropping’: Twitter Obsessed With the Bloomberg Reporter Who Upended Her Life for ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

2020 has been a long year, but it clearly isn’t ending without at least one more wild scandal.

Christie Smythe, a former Bloomberg News reporter, has quit her job, divorced her husband, and frozen her eggs for a new unexpected man in her life — the notorious and imprisoned “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli. 

In a stunning interview with Elle’s Stephanie Clifford, Smythe revealed that she fell in love with Shkreli, the former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO who increased the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000 percent overnight.

After Shkreli made headlines for the incredibly unpopular move, Smythe broke the news of his arrest in December 2015, and ultimately fell in love with him.

Smythe left her husband, who had warned her about getting too close to Shkreli, and began dating the disgraced executive after he was incarcerated in 2018.

“I’m happy here,” she told Clifford. “I feel like I have purpose.”

Unfortunately, Shkreli stopped communicating with Smythe after he discovered she was talking to Clifford for the Elle article.

When Clifford asked Shkreli for comment regarding the story, he simply wished Smythe “the best of luck in her future endeavors” — a statement the former reporter curiously labeled as “sweet.”

Naturally, Twitter blew up once the article was published, shocked by the story’s endless twists:

Smythe also took to Twitter on Sunday night to defend Shkreli and herself from some of the backlash:

Despite the retort, Twitter users continued putting in their two cents:

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