Join the NR Band of Brothers and Sisters

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

If you’re curious as to what my colleague Alexandra DeSanctis looks like, pick up the dictionary and find “tenacious” — her picture should be there. She is an excellent reporter, a champion of innocent life, and a great advocate of this institution. I encourage all to read her webathon appeal that takes on that big liberal political hack who has made a mockery of veracity — yes, gubernatorial poster-hawker Andrew Cuomo.

Along with Rich Lowry’s appeal (We Won’t Be Canceled), what we have so far on Day Five of our effort is a terrific one-two punch explaining just why it is in your interest to find it in your heart, your checking account, or between the couch cushions the means to support National Review in our Summer 2020-webathon. You can donate here.

Between now and August 16, we are hoping to raise a minimum to $250,000 to help keep NR at fighting strength throughout this raging fight against the leftist/Marxist/anarchist/media-ideologue cabal that yearns to destroy the America of 1776 and reframe this nation as founded in 1619. Since the kick-off, 492 kindly readers have donated $42,598.00 for that purpose. We are thrilled by such an outpouring but praying for many more to join the NR Band of Brothers and Sisters, in a spirit of non-despairing camaraderie as we work to repulse the, well . . . the repulsive. Because that’s a fair description to place on those who would crush unalienable rights and who would cancel the giants of our nation’s — and indeed the world’s — history, who would rewrite the unrivaled account of the ever-more perfect Union that is a blessing of liberty, liberty that has benefited few since Creation’s dawn.

These 492 souls seek your fellowship. Some has told us why they have given, or why they have not only given but also slapped a back or hurled an invective. We share some examples:

** Laurence sent $50 our way and fixed bayonet: “I am an American patriot as my father was who served this country during a world war. God bless this great nation.” God bless you, too. And Dad, too.

** Howard added a zero to that — his $500 came with a review: “Victor Davis Hanson, McCarthy, and Political Beats — best podcast on the net — all solid gold!!” The NR podcasts are important means of our standing athwart, and they only happen because of your kind of generosity, Howard.

** Meg drops $200 into the tip jar as she utters some serious words: “Cancel the bullsh**! And, maybe do an issue that features the amazing conservatives running for Congress this year. I can’t keep up with the number of impressive candidates! Veterans. Pissed-off journalists. Black women. Black men. Former cops. Just good plain old conservatives who have had it! The talent pool is deep and wide: We need to nurture it!” Good advice, as deeply appreciated as your selfless help.

** George’s C Note accompanies an obvious sentiment that deserves stating: “There has never been a more important time for independent sober conservative perspectives in the public square.” Amen, George, because it is and will always be the truth that sets us free. God bless!

** Julia finds 20 bucks and explains why it is now in our possession: “I am pleased to make this small contribution to your cause. Thank you for continuing to offer such a variety of viewpoints with such a high quality of writing. Kevin Williamson and Victor D. Hanson would be worth the price of admission by themselves, but then you discover so many other fine journalists like Kyle Smith, etc., and it’s a pleasure to be a subscriber. Well done.” You, though, Julia, are medium rare. Thanks so much.

** Kathryn finds General Grant and orders him to hold the fort: “Stand your ground against the woke mob! I’m already a print and online subscriber, but I would give even more money if I could. Let’s hope other conservatives finally show they have had enough and step up.” A few hundred Kathryns and we will outflank the enemy — on the right of course. Thanks ever so much.

** Jerome makes us happy with his $100 gift and mistakenly believes he is late to the party: “I should have been reading NR years ago. But better late than never. In this difficult time, it appears to be one of the few periodicals that’s kept its senses.” We’ve got a lock on sanity, Jerome. Thanks so much

** Anne sends $2,000 — yes, TWO THOUSAND! — and if that wasn’t enough, she added these kind words: “Reading NRO helps me maintain my sanity and perspective. It’s a beacon in the current darkness that is affecting this great country of ours. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth.” Anne, we must insist: We’re the ones who are thankful.

We’re thankful that there are those who rightly see NR as a vital institution, one that merits aid above and beyond subscription payments because we are determined to aggressively counter the current crazed attack on Western civilization and the American project, and because we are intent on enduring in order stop more such attacks that the coming years and decades will no doubt witness. James Burnham nailed it when he declared that ours was a “protracted conflict.”

There is nothing run-of-the-mill happening right now, so we are hopeful that readers — whether they can contribute in the fashion of Anne, or the gift is akin to the Widow’s Mite — will be motivated to donate to NR’s Summer Webathon. Again, this effort’s goal — which is nowhere near our true need — is $250,000. There’s quite a ways to go, but we are confident we will arrive, one generous reader by one generous reader. Those who agree that their time has come to lend aid should contribute to our webathon here. Those who would rather send a check should make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Summer 2020 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. You do such with our deep thanks.