Killswitch Engage to Release ‘As Daylight Dies’ on Vinyl for the First Time in the U.S.


Killswitch Engage will release their 2006 studio album "As Daylight Dies" on vinyl for the first time later this year.

Killswitch Engage – Story by Scarlett Hunter, courtesy photo

Killswitch Engage will release their 2006 studio album “As Daylight Dies” on vinyl for the first time later this year

Killswitch Engage’s 2006 studio album “As Daylight Dies” has never been released on vinyl in the U.S., but that will change later this year.

The Massachusetts metal-core band has announced that the album will be reissued on vinyl on with a “tentative street date” of Dec. 18, 2020, via 2/18/2020 Run Out Groove Vinyl. The release is currently available for pre-order here.

“I’m wicked excited to have Daylight FINALLY come out on vinyl,” guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz said in a statement. “This was such an important album in our career, and brings back a lot of great memories. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since this album first came out…man, how time flies.”

“It’s funny how, in 2006, there wasn’t even a thought about releasing this record on vinyl. And now, 14 years later, while we’re all stuck at home, it’s finally happening,” added drummer Justin Foley.

Foley continued, “The End of Heartache knocked down a lot of doors for us and set us up nicely for the release of Daylight. While we were making this record, we never envisioned that people would still care about it so many years later. This re-release is for all the fans that have carried this band to places we never dared dream were possible. Thank you, KsE fans.”

“As Daylight Dies” marked Killswitch Engage’s second album to feature Howard Jones as the lead singer. The vinyl reissue will feature expanded artwork by bassist Mike D, here.

Killswitch’s latest studio album is 2019’s “Atonement.”



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