Lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems Sent 21 Retraction or Record Preservation Demand Letters This Week — Read Them All Here

Dominion Voting Systems has sent a slew of retraction and/or record preservation demand letters as it threatens defamation litigation against numerous parties which Dominion’s lawyers say falsely accused the company of orchestrating a conspiracy to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump and hand it to Joe Biden.

The 21 letters from Clare Locke LLP, which Law&Crime has obtained the day after reporting at length on Dominion employee Dr. Eric Coomer’s distinct but related lawsuit, were addressed this week to both individuals and media entities. The cease and desist letters warn of imminent litigation.

These letters are in addition to the one Dominion sent to Sidney Powell one week ago.

The individuals include but are not limited to: Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, attorney Lin Wood, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, radio host Rush Limbaugh, Giuliani witness Mellissa Carone, Josh Merritt, Joseph Oltmann, Russell Ramsland, Rudy Giuliani, Newsmax’s Greg Kelly, and Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. The entities include: Fox News, One America News, Newsmax, The Epoch Times, and the Executive Office of the President.

Document preservation notices to Giuliani, Dobbs, Kelly, Bartiromo, Limbaugh, Hannity, Executive Office of the President

Preservation notices to Kraken team, witnesses Russell Ramsland and Josh Merritt

Retractions demands to OAN and Fox News, as well as document preservation letters

Letters to Newsmax and the Epoch Times

Letter to Joseph Oltmann (read more here)

Letter to Mellissa Carone

[Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

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