Leader of Latinos for Trump: Why Are We Freaking Out About Coronavirus?

The President of Latinos for Trump wondered on Tuesday why people were panicking so much about Covid-19. She also downplayed the significance of deaths and cases.

Bianca Garcia spoke to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota as part of a panel of voters who backed Donald Trump in 2016. As the head of Latinos for Trump, she was naturally supportive of the President.

Watch the video:

Garcia claimed there was “fear mongering” about the virus, which has killed around 148,000 Americans.

“I’m confused about your point,” Camerota said. “Do you think people are not dying around the country?”

“What I’m trying to say and make a point to is that 382 million Americans, 4 million have tested positive and 145,000 have died,” Garcia said.

“So you’re willing to live with those numbers? Those numbers are OK for you?” the CNN host asked.

“No number of deaths is OK,” Garcia said. “If you do the math it’s a 99.9 percent survival rate. What are we freaking out about?”

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