Michigan Sec of State Responds to ‘Threats of Violence, Intimidation and Bullying’ From Armed Election Protesters Outside Her House

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said she and her family were threatened over the weekend by dozens of armed protesters who gathered outside her house and railed against the state’s 2020 Election results.

On Saturday, a group of President Donald Trump’s supporters appeared at Benson’s residence, where they reportedly demanded an election audit, pushed baseless fraud conspiracy theories, and shouted: “stop the steal” into megaphones. Benson addressed the gathering with a statement on Sunday, saying it happened as she and her young son just finished decorating their house and were about to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The demands made outside my home were unambiguous, loud and threatening. They targeted me in my role as Michigan’s Chief Election Officer. But the threats of those gathered weren’t actually aimed at me ― or any other elected officials in this state. They were aimed at the voters. Through threats of violence, intimidation and bullying, the armed people outside my home and their political allies seek to undermine and silence the will and voices of every voter in this state, no matter who they voted for. Their goal is to overturn and upend the results of an election that are clear an unequivocal, and that 5.5 million Michigan citizens participated in.

Ever since the election, Trump and his allies have claimed that the vote was corrupted by widespread fraud, but so far, they have failed to produce credible evidence for their court case. As the election continues to be disputed in Michigan and other battleground states, numerous officials have expressed concern about Trump’s supporters’ violent rhetoric, angered by the results.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has also been threatened in recent months, responded to Benson’s situation by saying, “Threats against our elected officials, no matter their party, are dangerous and unacceptable. This must stop. Now is the time to come together against our common enemy: Covid-19.”

Others have taken to Twitter to raise the alarm over the demonstration at Benson’s house.

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