New York Times’ Farhad Manjoo Pilloried For Thanksgiving Covid Op-Ed: ‘Most Irresponsible Journalism I Have Ever Seen’

John Moore/Getty Images & Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

New York Times opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo found himself at the center of controversy after writing an article on his quest to determine whether it is safe to visit his family for Thanksgiving. After finding out how truly massive his bubble of contacts is, the writer concluded that he would spend Thanksgiving with his family in person anyway.

In the Friday article titled, “I Traced My Covid-19 Bubble and It’s Enormous,” Manjoo addresses, in detail, his desire to travel a few hundred miles with his wife and two children to visit his family for a Thanksgiving celebration of less than 10 people.

He detailed that in his research he discovered that his immediate circle can be as high as over 100 people, noting his children’s friends, teachers, classmates, and all of those people’s friends, family, and colleagues.

“Once I had counted everyone, I realized that visiting my parents for Thanksgiving would be like asking them to sit down to dinner with more than 100 people,” he wrote, before concluding that he would still travel anyway.

“The C.D.C. says the safest way to spend Thanksgiving is to stay home. After discovering how huge my bubble is, shouldn’t I just go with that advice? But I can’t do it,” Manjoo declared. “So shame me if you must, but my wife and I decided that we would travel for Thanksgiving.”

Manjoo’s article was ripped apart on social media by other journalists, who branded it irresponsible.

“This is some of the most irresponsible journalism I have ever seen,” commented Washington Post Breaking News Editor Andrea Platten.

Dozens of other journalists also criticized Manjoo.

One commenter on the New York Times story, who claimed to be the doctor referenced in Manjoo’s large coronavirus bubble, responded, “I’m the doctor in this story. I can’t go see my beloved family for Thanksgiving because every week I see covid patients. I text a (young, spectacularly healthy, covid ) friend every morning as their oxygen level has been dropping and I worry they will end up in the hospital.”

“I wish your family the best, but I can’t help feeling that you’re making a mockery of our sacrifices,” she wrote.

Manjoo responded to say that he is taking in the critiques, but denied that the viral commenter was actually the person she claimed to be.


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