Pitney Bowes introduces news same-day delivery service

Earlier this week, Stamford, Ct.-based Pitney Bowes, a global technology services provider of commerce solutions powering billions of transactions, introduced a new offering, entitled Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery, which focuses on cost-effective expedited solutions through access to curated network of Pitney Bowes service providers via its SendPro Online sending platform.

The SendPro Online sending platform enables customers to send important parcels and larger documents from wherever they are located and also avoid claims of undelivered parcels, with its free online proof of delivery service, through a single interface designed to help customers evaluate delivery times and costs, according to Pitney Bowes.

The company said that this offering enables small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to provide very high service levels while also meeting increasingly high shipping expectations.

Shemin Nurmohamed, senior vice president of product management at Pitney Bowes said the company first started looking into Same Day Delivery as part of the shipping services it provides to its clients on the SendPro Online platform, the company felt its clients would benefit from the flexibility and convenience of same day delivery options on an easy to use platform with competitively priced offers. 

And Nurmohamed said that the service is targeting local shippers with the following service attributes:

  • Dependable 2-hour door-to-door delivery on average;
  • Courier delivery up to 50 miles, up to 50 pounds and up to $500 in value; and
  • Real-time delivery tracking via web or SMS text

“During our pilot we have seen strong interest from our small and medium business client base,” she said. “The majority of our current users are office shippers and offline order fulfillers. Additionally, as COVID-19 has accelerated online ordering and fulfillment, we are starting to see shippers in the pharmacy space and other retail operations inquiring about same day delivery options and capabilities.”

As for the main customer benefits of Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery, Nurmohamed pointed to how Pitney Bowes’ SendPro Online is the first major shipping software service that has incorporated same day delivery as part of the shipping service being offered to businesses in one easy to use interface.

“It includes all the convenience of our other shipping services: address book management, shipping and postage discounts, rate shopping, free scheduling of pick-up and multiple payment options,” she said. “Same day delivery services are typically found as a standalone service mostly used by consumers. Our SendPro Online platform supports businesses, as they are presented with choices based on their specific shipping needs.”

Pitney Bowes is currently working with two vendors—Roadie and Postmates—and expects to add a third partner early next year, she noted, adding that Pitney Bowes has the ability to rapidly add additional carriers based on market needs.

“The platform will continue to grow, based on the needs of our clients,” she said.

In terms of the competitive advantages, this new offering provides, she cited time and cost savings, along with an easy to use intuitive and hassle-free experience is what SendPro is designed to deliver.

“Having same day delivery services on the platform adds to the value proposition of our offer,” she said. “The partnerships we have allow us to add capacity and coverage that seamlessly scale to our clients’ demands.” 

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