project44 and OneRail roll out first- and final mile-focused partnership

Earlier today, Chicago-based project44, a technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time, and Orlando, Fl.-based OneRail, a provider of delivery orchestration and fulfillment platform, services, announced they have established a partnership focused on bringing together first and final mile logistics for shippers.

The companies said that their respective integrated capabilities will help shippers to better navigate what they called the “often complex journey from the manufacturing floor through successful final mile delivery to a consumer, seamlessly accounting for all transfers between modes, carriers, warehouses, cross docks, and couriers.”  

And they added that this partnership includes a Unified Control Tower, which they said provides shippers with “a single source of truth,” for inbound and outbound logistics, going from the first to final mile proof of delivery.  

Vernon O’Donnell, Chief Product and Services Officer, project44, told LM there were a few key drivers for this partnership. 

“The new ‘homebody economy’ means more of everything is being ordered online for delivery, including things that are harder to deliver,” he said. “The acceleration of e-commerce growth has also caused a rapid evolution, both up- and downstream in the supply chain to meet elevated consumer expectations for predictable and rapid fulfillment. It’s safe to say that the long-bemoaned final mile has gotten even more complicated. This new integration, which marks a first-time partnership between OneRail and project44, seamlessly accounts for all transfers between modes, carriers, warehouses, cross docks, and couriers, solving for the often-complex journey from the manufacturing floor through successful final mile delivery. 

What’s more, he said that project44 and OneRail share a mission to revolutionize an industry through optimization, visibility, and automation and are passionate about the future of logistics, making the partnership a natural fit. 

In terms of the main benefits of this partnership for shippers, O’Donnell said that it combines OneRail’s final mile orchestration with project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform to create one seamless, fully integrated service that will allow shippers to track, trace, and execute across all modes of delivery, including Air, Sea, LTL/FTL, Internal Courier, External Courier, Parcel and BOPIS. 

And OneRail CEO and Founder Bill Catania told LM that customer expectations continue to raise the bar for shippers, both in terms of cost management and speed of service.

“The ability to seamlessly track across all shipping modes, from manufacturer to a consumer’s home, provides for even more accuracy,” he said. “This translates to cost savings and ultimately a more delightful customer experience. As supply chains continue to undergo a digital transformation, the goal is to narrow the number of platforms to a single system of truth across all modes of shipping. This is just another step in that evolution. The combination of OneRail and p44 makes this seamless.” 

When asked what this partnership provides, or offers up, that may have previously been lacking, or missing, project44’s O’Donnell pointed to the ability to manage the transition and flow between the first and final mile with full visibility is a groundbreaking development for supply chain management, adding that it dynamically allows shippers to have increased visibility to make fast, effective decisions and save on costs. 

OneRail’s Catania observed that his company has seen a gap in data connectivity or signals between inbound and outbound logistics, and more importantly, the ability to dynamically plan for final mile capacity based on real-time inbound logistics signals.

“If it is known that a shipment is delayed at a port or at sea, that signal provided by p44 will inform OneRail of the timing in real-time to then forecast the use of OneRail’s network of 120 delivery couriers—4.5 million drivers,” he said. “This will result in lower final mile shipping costs and drastically help with exception management.”

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