Quick Answers: What is The Difference Between a Marketing Funnel and Sales Funnels?

Challenge: Unfortunately, 68% of companies have not created or measured any sort of sales funnel, and many of them don’t even understand what a sales funnel is or how it works. Still others don’t understand the term, “Marketing funnel.”

Here, you’re going to learn the difference between a sales funnel and a marketing funnel.

In the above video, you’ll learn what a sales funnel is and how to build one that actually makes money. Then below, we explain the primary differences between sales funnels and marketing funnels.

The 3 Primary Differences Between a Sales Funnel & a Marketing Funnel

  1. A Marketing Funnel is High-Level

    As shown in the image, a marketing funnel is the high-level strategy for how you plan to guide someone from completely ignorant of your brand to loyal, paying customer. The stages of the marketing funnel, then, typically start at awareness and go all the way down to conversion. In order for the marketing funnel to help your business, you must take each piece, one at a time, and optimize it to drive people to the next step of your funnel. Awareness should drive people to interest and interest should drive people to consideration, so on and so forth. Ultimately, you can only discover practical applications of the marketing funnel once you drill down into each section.

  2. The Sales Funnel is Part of The Marketing Funnel

    The sales funnel, on the other hand, is the process by which you plan to get people to take a very specific action — either opting in to your email list, purchasing a product, or attending an event. It’s a series of pages that are crafted to seamlessly persuade a person to go from point A (i.e. curious about your product) to point B (i.e. buying your product). And there are different sales funnels for different things, depending on the goal you’re trying to achieve. In that way, a sales funnel is actually a part of the marketing funnel. 

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  3. The Marketing Funnel is Procedural; The Sales Funnel is All About Sales

    In the end, the biggest difference between the marketing funnel and the sales funnel is that the marketing funnel is procedural while the sales funnel is all about sales. 
    That is, the marketing funnel should inform your internal processes and business organization as a whole, but the sales funnel should be used in every step of the marketing funnel to drive people toward the next desired step. Used together, these two funnels can have a big impact on your business.