Rachel Maddow Reveals Her Secret to Success on Mediaite’s The Interview Podcast: ‘Don’t Book Liars’

Mediaite’s new podcast, The Interview, debuted in August and instantly became a must-visit for the biggest names in cable news and media. This week, we’re looking back at some of the most talked-about episodes since our launch.

Rachel Maddow’s show has become a must-watch for liberals, especially during the Trump-era, despite her divergence from standard tactics used on cable news programming.

“We have this mantra on my show: Increase the amount of useful information in the world,” Maddow said of her program. “That means don’t book liars, don’t show fighting for the sake of fighting.”

The Rachel Maddow Show, which airs at 9 p.m. on MSNBC, averaged more than three million viewers a night in 2020, so the anchor must be doing something right.

The MSNBC host was Mediaite’s most recent podcast guest, appearing on the Dec. 18 episode of The Interview, during which she expanded on the making of her show, her prime time rivals, and what to expect from cable news following President Donald Trump’s time in office.

Speaking with Mediaite editor in chief Aidan McLaughlin, Maddow explained why her show has a different strategy than most of her competition — and how it’s led to her success.

“People are attracted to real news, told honestly from an authentic place by somebody who not only is interested in the thing they are talking about, but understands it well,” Maddow said. “You sort of can’t fake it.”

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Maddow also emphasized that she isn’t too worried about the future of her cable news success in a pro-Trump world.

“I am humble in terms of what I can predict about audiences,” she said. “But I’ve sort of learned that if you try to serve people what you think they want, you will fail. And so if you program your news show based on what you think is going to attract the most audience, you’re almost always wrong.”

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