Resistance Twitter Trolls Ivanka Trump for Touting 30,000-Point Dow Milestone: ‘Thank You, Joe Biden!’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

First Daughter Ivanka Trump was widely trolled when she posted a tweet congratulating America over the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing the 30,000-point mark, with many giving credit for the milestone to President-elect Joe Biden.

The stock market hit the historic milestone at midday on Tuesday, and before President Donald Trump popped into the White House briefing room to take a weird victory lap, Ms. Trump hit “send” on a tweet trumpeting the accomplishment.

“Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 30,000 for the first time ever!” she wrote, adding “Congratulations America!” with a flag emoji.

Her post garnered a flood of reactions, many trolling Ivanka by crediting the accomplishment to Biden, and/or reminding her that her father has spent four years measuring his success from Election Day 2016, and taking credit for any gains past that date. Still others poh-poohed the accomplishment as primarily benefiting the rich.

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