Saturday Night Tweeter: Trump Tweets Tirade About Georgia Elections, Stimulus Checks, and the 12 Senators Rejecting Electoral College Vote

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump will have the more lenient Twitter moderation standards they apply to his presidential account for eighteen more days, and he made the most of it Saturday night, posting a parade of tweets hitting topics ranging from the upcoming Georgia Senate runoffs, his push for $2,000 stimulus checks, and the twelve Republican senators who announced today that they are threatening to reject the Electoral College results on January 6th.

The latest Trump twitter tantrum began shortly before 6 pm ET, with several retweets of articles favorable to his interests, including a blog praising Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and a Breitbart article shared by Curt Schilling about the senators objecting to the Electoral College certification.

Then, Trump shared several tweets from Trafalgar pollster Robert Calahy, including one that declared $2,000 stimulus checks “as popular as #BBQ, #CollegeFootball, & #SweetTea,” tagging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — who has blocked Democratic efforts to pass such a bill.

Another Calahy tweet purported to show that Gov. Brian Kemp — a Republican who has found himself a frequent target of Trump’s ire lately for refusing to support his baseless claims of election fraud — would lose badly in a Republican primary to keep his job in 2022. “Wow, I guess it’s not good to go against a President who everyone in Georgia knows got you into office!” was Trump’s comment.

Trump then turned his attention to the upcoming joint session of Congress on January 6th, where the Electoral College votes will be certified, praising the twelve Republicans who have said they will vote against accepting President-elect Joe Biden’s win, claiming that “after they see the facts” there would be “plenty more to come” and “[o]ur Country will love them for it!”

There was a retweet of Mark Levin congratulating Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the other eleven senators for “stepping up against the mob, a retweet of a Fox News article on the topic, and then a retweet of Cruz himself, calling the Electoral College certification an “attempt to steal a landslide win” — a claim that, unsurprisingly, got slapped with the Twitter fact-checking label noting that “Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the U.S. Presidential election.”

Then some praise for Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), who was the first to say he would object to the Electoral College certification. “It’s time to STAND UP,” tweeted Hawley earlier in the day. “So true. Thanks Josh!” tweeted Trump, following that with a retweet of another Hawley tweet.

It’s only 7:00 pm on the East coast, so there may well be more tweets to come.

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