SEKO Logistics and Bringg team up for delivery-focused partnership

A partnership announced earlier this month by Tel Aviv, Israel-based Bringg, a delivery and fulfillment orchestration platform provider, and Chicago-based third-party logistics (3PL) services provider SEKO Logistics is focused on innovating and optimizing the digital consumer delivery experience.

This partnership is timely, in that many consumers are keenly focused on getting holiday shopping done earlier, due, in large part, to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen various delivery networks backed up as more consumers are now ordering goods online.

What’s more, the companies cited data from the Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey that indicated 77% of consumers prefer their purchases to be delivered right to their homes, and 56% stating they would not buy from a store again if the delivery experience did not meet expectations.

Through the synchronization of data across SEKO’s TMS, WMS, CRM and Commerce platforms, Bringg officials explained that the company uses machine learning in order to model delivery flows, which is able to accurately predict timing for every stage of a pickup or delivery, replete with real time tracking across the first, middle, and last mile, and also recording key customer KPIs.

And the companies added that through the Bringg platform, SEKO’s customers receive an SMS link directing them to a self-service Web-based app, which does not require a download, and provides various options, including:  

  • tracking their deliveries in real time on a live map for full visibility into the status and location of their order, similar to tracking maps available on ride hailing apps;
  • communicating directly with the driver or support center to notify them of any specific requests or ask questions about a delivery;
  • receiving dynamic, personalized alerts regarding the status of their order;
  • providing the necessary payment options and tips; and
  • rating the delivery experience and provide feedback

Bringg CEO Guy Bloch told LM that this partnership is a reflection of the new delivery economy and the growing expectations from both B2B and B2C consumers.

“Today, delivery for many companies is one of the few remaining offline touchpoints in a customer’s purchase process,” he said. “Logistics providers are the face representing many of these brands, so they need to deliver beyond historical shipper expectations to meet the expectations of the new digital age end-consumer. Bringg is working to build an ecosystem of partners and providers that can work together to give brands a fair delivery marketplace that enables any size organization the ability to compete through the last mile. Our partnership with SEKO is a testament of this.” 

As for the biggest customer benefits this partnership provides, Bloch pointed to how Bringg and SEKO are together providing a scalable solution to optimize logistics operations and create exceptional customer experiences for shippers and consumers.

“It is the foundation for a frictionless delivery experience built on data intelligence and real time visibility and decision making,” he said. “Shippers deliver confidently with a solution that offers their customers real-time visibility and control over their delivery experience and in turn, improves brand loyalty.”

In terms of what this partnership provides for Bringg and SEKO that may have been previously lacking, Bloch observed how logistics providers are facing a greater delivery demand and evolving market needs that require new services. And he added that in order to scale up and optimize they need the data intelligence and real-time planning tools. 

“Bringg’s data-led platform digitizes and connects supply chain systems, delivery fleets, and customers,” he said. “We bring together automation, business logic and industry best practices to orchestrate delivery models that offer greater capacity, more service options, and increased efficiencies. It’s all about the customer experience, and in this case, that’s the shipper and consumer. Track and trace, live communications, personalized branded alerts, easy payment options, and feedback and rating tools ensure that the offline touchpoint is seamless and exceptional. On the other hand, delivery orchestration, the ability to manage and measure end-to-end delivery operations drive optimization so that providers stay efficient and cost-effective.”  

SEKO Logistics Chief Growth Officer Brian Bourke said in a statement that SEKO is delighted to be partnering with Bringg because it is a proven delivery and fulfillment orchestration platform that fits soundly with SEKO’s commitment to a frictionless delivery experience.

“It gives us the data intelligence and real time planning tools to solidify the future of our business, as well as provide us with the agility to adapt to today’s evolving market needs,” he said. “To us, it’s a win/win. It is going to drive valuable productivity gains at a time of growth and our clients are going to love the visibility and control experience it gives them.”

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