Selena Gomez Slams Facebook for Spreading Misinformation About Covid: ‘Going to Be Responsible for Thousands of Deaths’

Selena Gomez Facebook Covid

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Selena Gomez slammed Facebook on Wednesday for the spread of misinformation on vaccines and the coronavirus on its platform.

On Tuesday, the pop star shared a Twitter video of a BBC interview with Center for Countering Digital Hate CEO Imi Ahmed, who said that social media companies like Facebook are “doing absolutely nothing” to stop the spread of lies about the coronavirus.

“Scientific disinformation has and will cost lives,” Gomez tweeted. “@Facebook said they don’t allow lies about COVID and vaccines to be spread on their platforms. So how come all of this is still happening? Facebook is going to be responsible for thousands of deaths if they don’t take action now!”

Facebook responded in a statement, saying it’s “committed to reaching as many people as possible with accurate information about vaccines, and launched partnerships with WHO and UNICEF to do just that. We’ve banned ads that discourage people from getting vaccines and reduced the number of people who see vaccine hoaxes verified by the WHO and the CDC.”

“We also label Pages and Groups that repeatedly share vaccine hoaxes, lower their posts in News Feed, and do not recommend them to anyone,” the company added. “We continue to remove accounts and content that violate our policies and are the only company to work with over 80 fact-checking organizations around the world.”

Gomez also went after Facebook and Instagram earlier this month for “tolerating” the spread of “hate” on their platforms. This was in response to the Center for Countering Digital Hate tweeting that “Neo-Nazis” were selling “racist products” on both Facebook and Instagram, despite being reported days prior.

Many other celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, have criticized both Facebook and Instagram for allowing the spread of “hate, propaganda and misinformation.”

In September, Kardashian joined the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, which called for a 24-hour Instagram freeze to protest the company’s failure to stop hate from spreading on its platform.

Among the other stars who participated in the Stop Hate for Profit campaign were Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Sacha Baron Cohen, Demi Lovato, Ashton Kutcher and Mark Ruffalo.

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