Song Review: GOT7 – Last Piece

A week after unveiling pre-release song Breath, GOT7 have made their official comeback with Last Piece, the title track to their fourth full-length album. Breath didn’t exactly fill me with anticipation, but the teasers for Last Piece hinted at a grittier instrumental that felt fresh and exciting. The entire song doesn’t quite live up to that moment, but it’s still one of the stronger efforts the group have delivered in recent years.

Co-written by leader JB, Last Piece takes familiar sounds from GOT7’s arsenal and infuses them with some new ideas. The song is at its best when it gets more adventurous, buoyed by an awesome post-chorus breakdown that bucks expectations by bringing in distorted guitar. I’m not sure the actual chorus is as strong. It falls into the same shout-singing trap that GOT7 tracks often do. But as much as I would have preferred a more richly-arranged vocal, I think I’ll eventually come around to the melody.

Last Piece’s verses have a great groove to them, reminiscent of last year’s standout You Calling My Name. I appreciate their straightforward nature — how they resist the urge to play around with tempo too much. This continuity is vital to forging a satisfying rhythm. That way, when the beat does change during that post-chorus breakdown, it really pops. This sense of cohesion extends to the verses, which retain a predictable structure even as blasts of rap give them more spontaneity. It’s a delicate balance that works in Last Piece’s favor and balks many of the criticisms I’ve had of their music in the past.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8