Song Review: Hong Eunki – On&On

Ex-Rainz member Hong Eunki has released several solo singles, though I’ve yet to cover any of them on this site. But 2021 is only a few days old, and there just hasn’t been much music released yet. On&On benefits from this desolate slate. All eyes and ears are ready for something new. So, does Eunki deliver?

With little competition, a song like On&On feels quite exciting. It doesn’t offer anything we haven’t heard a million times before, treading an ultra-familiar percolating deep house beat. But to the song’s credit, it fully commits to this sound. The tempo remains brisk and engaging the entire time, and the multi-pronged hook traces a similar structure to its underlying instrumental. In its own way, this is a refreshing approach – even if the genre is anything but.

Eunki supplies a rather generic vocal, but the melody is nimble enough to allow him moments of falsetto-led dynamism. I think the second verse is especially strong, which isn’t something you catch me saying often. It does exactly what this segment should, offering a bridge between choruses that twists the song in new directions without upending its energy or momentum. I wish more K-pop tracks would take cues from this technique. But when it comes down to it, On&On’s series of hooks are a bit repetitive and lack imagination. The groove is strong enough to compensate, but much of the song feels more like a sketch than a fully-realized showstopper. The one exception is the vocal arrangement, which enhances On&On with layered flourishes in all the right moments.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25