Song Review: The Boyz – Christmassy!

I was beginning to wonder where all the K-pop Christmas songs were this year. Usually, December brings us quite a few. But while I’m waiting for the Woollim Family holiday track I’ve somehow convinced myself will become a reality, The Boyz have snuck up and put their own gift under the tree. Christmassy is light holiday fluff, which is just what the doctor ordered this time of year.

Christmassy doesn’t come close to touching seasonal classics like Lately or Miracles in December, but it’s warm and amiable and paired with a really fun music video. The song opens with sleigh bells (of course), before segueing into a gentle pop beat. The melody is pure cheese, but in the way you’d expect of a song like this. I love the show choir harmonies during the pre-chorus. Christmas songs shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, and The Boyz are clearly having fun here. They deliver a light-hearted performance, imbuing enough personality into the track to make it stand out.

I could be nitpicky and ask for a stronger chorus, but Christmassy’s dueling refrains work just fine. I’m particularly fond of the second half of the chorus, which bounds with the kind of singalong cheer that just makes me want to sip a cup of hot cocoa and watch the (nonexistent) snow fall. It all might be a bit too featherweight for some listeners, but I’ll definitely be adding this to my K-pop Christmas playlist.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8