Song Review: woo!ah! – I Don’t Miss U

Back in November, woo!ah’s boisterous Bad Girl attempted to deliver the edgy girl crush energy of 2020. It was mostly successful, despite a few musical diversions that chipped away at the song’s consistency. Now, like any ambitious rookie group, the girls have returned with a follow-up single from their latest album.

I Don’t Miss U sets its musical sights more narrow, and is all the stronger for it. I appreciate the track’s simplicity. It finds its laid-back groove immediately and sticks with it the entire time. Woo!ah seem to have discovered 2013-era 2NE1, as I Don’t Miss U bounces along a head-nodding instrumental similar to the vibe of classics like Falling In Love. The production throws in a volley of Chainsmokers-esque synths during the chorus, but never feels overly trendy.

Best of all, I Don’t Miss U allows the girls to show off their vocals. The song is definitely enhanced by attitude and charisma, but isn’t beholden to it. Its core melodies are strong and memorable, and the girls sell them with definite polish. I love the sing-song verses, which is a rarity for me. Usually, this approach results in a series of disconnected moments masquerading as a song, but all the ingredients here work together in a satisfying way. Because of this, some may be tempted to call I Don’t Miss U generic. But although it doesn’t reinvent any K-pop wheel, it culminates in a catchy chant and is hummable from the first listen. Not bad for a follow-up!

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25