‘The Absolute Perfect Start to 2021’ The Entire Internet Comes Together to Enjoy Andy Cohen Slashing Bill de Blasio

“2021 lookin up” seems to be the general verdict on CNN ending the old year and ringing in the new one with, among a slew of clippable moments, co-host Andy Cohen suddenly launching into a short, spontaneous burst of hot fire directed at Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Social media was chock-full of clips featuring Cohen and Anderson Cooper putting on their own unique show. The two drank it up, and Andy Cohen was especially on, even managing to upstage Snoop Dogg, as perpetually surprised Anderson Cooper, the perfect straight man, utterly lost it.

One of the best and most unexpected riffs was the sudden flash of righteous anger from Cohen directed at the New York City mayor, and the reactions came from all over, including political conservatives, New York residents, journalists and everday folks. A real coming together of hating de Blasio (and what his mismanagement during Covid represents) to kick off 2021.

The clip was as instant hit. The words “hero” and “icon” popped dozens of times for Cohen in Twitter searches. And it got big reactions with a lot retweet action from all sorts.

From news watchers, writers, and hosts…

To frustrated (and amused) New Yorkers…

… To a little bit of everyone else, too.

A classic, bi-partisan moment.

By the way, here’s de Blasio dancing with his wife, in a nearly empty Times Square, enjoying the echoing emptiness of the city as its residents, his royal subjects, watch from behind locked doors.

Happy New Year.

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