The Internet’s Favorite Semi-Recognizable Celebrity Tony Hawk Trends After Sharing His Covid Testing Story

tony hawk

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb.

Tony Hawk’s name was trending on Twitter Thursday after sharing a funny story of his experience getting tested for Covid with two of his children, the latest in a string of incidents where the world’s most famous skateboarder is almost, but not quite, recognized.

It’s been a running joke — amplified by none other than Hawk himself — of his frequent encounters with people who know enough about skateboarding to know his name or think that he looks “kind of like that Tony Hawk guy” but who are not able to actually recognize Hawk.

The latest example came when Hawk and two of his children went to a Covid testing site. To be fair, they were wearing face masks, but the paperwork identified them as “Anthony, Keegan, and Kadence Hawk,” prompting the woman processing their papers to ask “Are you guys related to Tony Hawk?” — apparently missing the obvious fact that “Tony” is a common nickname for “Anthony.”

Hawk replied, “yes,” prompting an incredulous “Are you pulling my leg?” from her, and then Hawk’s deadpan answer: “No, we are all directly related to him.”

The tale brought smiles to the faces of many Twitter users, amused by Hawk yet again going unrecognized.

Good news for the Hawk family: he posted an update later that their tests all came back negative.

Hawk still has strong skills at age 52, posting a video just a few days ago with a new trick, and wishing everyone “a brighter, healthier 2021.”

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