Thriving a s A Freelancer During COVID-19

Has the current pandemic thrown a wrench in the gears of your freelance business? With a little creativity, you could find yourself thriving as a freelancer during COVID-19. Here are just a few ways you can improve your situation while future-proofing your business:

Reach Out To Your Network During Covid-19

This might seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly few people actually turn to their network. Those that do reach out to friends, family, and colleagues rarely only do so as a last-ditch effort. 

Look at your email contacts, review your LinkedIn connections, read through who you follow (and who follows you) on other social platforms. Did you find any businesses, entrepreneurs, or individuals who might need your services? 

Because of COVID-19, many companies are currently rebranding or offering new services online. Some are even moving online for the first time. Think about that for a minute. Do you see a need here? Website design, graphic design or branding, copywriting, social media management, and more. Your imagination is the only limit to finding ways to tap into this opportunity. 

Leverage Free Resources

Have you wanted to up your game by learning a new skill set or polishing an existing one? Leveraging any COVID-19 related downtime can be a real game-changer. Consider online training options like these:

  • The Internet Archive, an online lending library, features various free books, software, and other materials you can borrow for a few hours.
  • Youtube can be a convenient resource for picking up additional skills. Watch informative how-to videos anytime you want. 
  • Learn From Fiver lets you add new skills and learn from real-world experts for a low cost, and the returns can be considerable. From picking up fundamentals to create your first website to detailing the best ways to scale your business, Fiverr’s got your back.

Adapt To The Evolving Landscape

If you aren’t landing the big clients like you did pre-COVID-19, you can consider lower-paying or less prestigious work, especially if that work requires less effort or time. (You might be surprised to find you can still come close to your hourly target rate with careful selection of assignments or clients.)

Expanding your work area verticals, or branching out into similar areas where you already have relevant, functional expertise can also have you thriving as a freelancer during COVID-19 before you know it. 

  • Are you a whiz at keeping your family well-organized and on time? You might want to think about becoming a virtual assistant. This is a great way to earn extra money to supplement financial shortfalls, especially if you become an assistant to a more senior-level professional in a similar industry. (This scenario is really a win-win situation: you bring value by already being “in-the-know” and you benefit from being mentored by an expert in your field–while you get paid.)
  • Do you love graphics? You can learn to translate the graphics skills you have into logo or website design. You can build a profitable side-hustle in your “off hours” while helping others rebrand their companies.

Explore New Income Streams

Are people always turning to you for help with something? Are you the resident grammar master? Consider translating your expertise into something sellable. Can you teach a class in your field (and charge per participant)? Create a helpful e-book (and sell at a modest cost per download)? Have a popular blog? Consider offering premium, paywalled content for subscribers.

Go Ahead and Grow

Do you need more hands-on-deck but are unable to add permanent staff? Consider using Fiverr Business to provide outstanding talent and grow your business with on-demand services requiring minimal outlay. You shouldn’t have to put business growth on hold because of a pandemic–you’ve got work to do! 

Align Professional and Personal Projects

Have kids? Up before sunrise? Work better late in the evening? Align professional and personal projects possible whenever possible for maximum benefit.

Do your kids take a nap every day, mid-morning or afternoon? This might be an ideal time to record voice memos for colleagues (or make more phone calls). Or take a nap and recharge your creativity.

Thriving as a freelancer during COVID-19 doesn’t have to be difficult. The world may have changed how it does business, but it still does business. Tap into your creativity and shift your strategy and business thinking a little.

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