Total Landscaping? People Are Wondering Why Trump White House Dug Up North Lawn

Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

Speculation abounds as the North Lawn of the White House was extensively dug up days after President Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, and President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner by most major news organizations.

That event was, itself, characterized by a lawn maintenance theme, as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani had the news of the loss broken to him as he held a press conference in the parking lot of Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Trump himself was surrounded by lush grass when the news broke while he was golfing at his Sterling, Virginia resort.

And on Monday, CNN’s Betsy Klein got DC tongues wagging when she posted photos of the North Lawn’s transformation into the North Dirt Patch:

Some just wanted to know what was going on, while others had theories — and jokes.

Newsweek’s Leda Reynolds reached out to the White House for an explanation, but didn’t get an answer.

However, there’s every chance that the work has something to do with preparations for President-elect Biden’s inauguration, which are already underway, as The Daily Mail’s Nikki Schwab suggested might be the case.

As amusing as the timing may be, there’s really nothing unusual about extensive lawn work at the White House.

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