TPUSA Oversold Their Conference In Florida, And Now Attendees Are Misdirecting Blame At The County

The young conservative attendees stuck standing outside of Turning Point USA’s annual Student Action Summit conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, due to coronavirus restrictions turned out not to be the fault of the county, but rather pro-Trump pundit Charlie Kirk’s student organization.

The blame from attendees has been sporadically aimed over the course of the night, with some blaming TPUSA, others such as TPUSA “Chief Creative Office” Benny Johnson blaming the county.

However, as local Florida CBS 12 reporter Jay O’Brien reported on Saturday night, TPUSA neglected to adhere to the convention center’s capacity, which the conservative organization knew ahead of time.

“Tonight is the opening night of Turning Point Convention at the Convention Center. Turning Point oversold their contract capacity by 500-600 people,” County Administrator Verdenia Baker told CBS12.

Donald Trump Jr. also passed more false blame onto the county Saturday night during his speech.

“Palm Beach County, not exactly a conservative place, so, I guess they are trying to make it difficult,” Trump Jr. stated.

UPDATE — Turning Point USA COO Tyler Bowyer responded to the controversy claiming, “currently Palm Beach county is at phase 2 — 50% capacity— County Convention Center is imposing beyond recent phase 2 requirements for the venue.”

O’Brien further fact-checked Bowyer, tweeting “everything in [the] state is wide open, no restrictions unless agreed to.”

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