Trump Attacks the CDC to Claim Covid Cases, Deaths Are Being ‘Far Exaggerated’


The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has is now over 20 million and the death toll has surpassed 350,000. The winter surge many public health experts predicted is likely to continue, with thousands of Americans still hospitalized and deaths in the thousands every week.

President Donald Trump attacked the CDC on Sunday as he claimed that the cases and deaths are “far exaggerated.”

Trump — who repeatedly complained before the election about the media’s covid coverage and said it would stop after the election — downplayed the number of cases last year when he repeatedly said that cases are only up because of testing.

Surprising almost no one, covid did not go away after the election. So in the middle of this surge, the president attacked the CDC for their “ridiculous method” of counting the cases and deaths and claimed they’re “far exaggerated.”

Of course, the U.S. is now in the middle of a serious vaccine rollout. And while many have applauded the speed at which vaccines were developed, there has been criticism that the numbers of vaccines administered is not nearly as high as hoped.

Trump responded by again putting the onus on the states:

And Trump continued attacking top Georgia Republicans just two days before the runoffs in that state:

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