Trump Attacks Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice for Rejecting Claims, Encourages State Legislators to Overturn the Election That He Lost

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump lost Wisconsin. A recount in the state confirmed this, and the Wisconwin Supreme Court completely rejected the Trump campaign’s claims otherwise.

In particular, conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote, “Such a move would appear to be unprecedented in American history. One might expect that this solemn request would be paired with evidence of serious errors tied to a substantial and demonstrated set of illegal votes. Instead, the evidentiary support rests almost entirely on the unsworn expert report of a former campaign employee that offers statistical estimates based on call center samples and social media research.”

Trump is now attacking Hagedorn and raging at him for rejecting his team’s case even though the president endorsed him:

The president is continuing to indulge in conspiracy theories that the election was stolen from him. And whether he actually believes this or not, he is actively encouraging Republicans in Congress and in the states he’s contesting to overturn the will of the people, citing fraud that his lawyers have been unable to prove in court, including before judges he appointed.

And once again Trump called on state legislators in Wisconsin to “overturn this ridiculous State Election” and continued to insist based on nothing that he won “in a LANDSLIDE”:

Hagedorn, meanwhile, spoke to the New York Times about the disturbing messages he’s been getting and how it’s impacting his family:

Talk radio in Wisconsin, particularly on the conservative side, is very prominent. I turned on the radio one morning driving to work and heard what a horrible person I was. So it’s hard to miss it.

Yes, I’ve been called a traitor. I’ve been called a liar. I’ve been called a fraud. I’ve been asked if I’m being paid off by the Chinese Communist Party. I’ve been told I might be tried for treason by a military tribunal. Sure, I’ve gotten lots of interesting and sometimes dark messages…

I’ve got five young kids and, sure, there’s certain uncomfortableness, too, when your child asks you whether it’s OK to play in the front yard or whether they should just stay in the backyard.

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