Trump Posts Bonkers Screed Attacking Fox News: ‘Most Astonishing Example of Media Suicide in My Lifetime’

Donald Trump

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images.

President Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure with Fox News again Thursday evening, sharing a bonkers op-ed from a conservative website that called for some of the cable news channel’s anchors and commentators to be fired.

“So true, a must read!” tweeted Trump, including a link to a post at The American Spectator website.

The article in question, “Fox News’ Media Suicide,” was written by Lou Aguilar, and begins by bemoaning that this was the “worst election in my lifetime.”

Not because the “second-best president in my lifetime” (Trump, coming in second to the author’s favorite Ronald Reagan) had lost, but “because we don’t know for sure that he did.”

Well, yes, actually we do know that for sure. To recap, President-elect Joe Biden won a majority of the votes in enough states to pile up 306 electoral college votes to Trump’s 232, the states are proceeding with their regular schedules to certify those votes, the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and various allies are getting swiftly kicked out of court (there have been over 50 losses and counting), and even if those cases had legal merit (which, again, they do not), they are not alleging enough actual evidence of voter fraud such that would overturn the results in enough states to flip the electoral college to Trump.

Aguilar, of course, acknowledges none of that, and described this election as “a national humiliation that will fester for a long time to come, no matter who gets inaugurated in January.”

Trump already “broke every other news entity” besides Fox, wrote Aguilar, because he “smashed” their “illusory veneer of neutrality,” by “accurately calling them ‘fake news’ amid their swirl of lies about him.”

Fox News, he argued, had been successful because they stood apart from the herd as a conservative outlet, but “[a]ll they had to do this year to stay on top was fairly cover the president, unlike the competition, and they couldn’t manage that.”

“All entities that are not explicitly right-wing will become left-wing over time,” Aguilar declared, and then launched into a lengthy complaint about various Fox News personalities who had expressed views that diverged from the White House, including Chris Wallace, Melissa Francis, Neil Cavuto, and Kristin Fisher, as well as criticisms for putting Democrats like Donna Brazile on the payroll as commentators.

“[C]onservatives are no longer dependent on television to get real news without the Trump derangement,” wrote Aguilar. “Entities like the Daily Wire, Glenn Beck, and The American Spectator are reaping the benefit of Fox News’ progressive seppuku.”

Aguilar demanded three solutions at the end of his post, calling for Fox News to “apologize for betraying their viewer base…the more grovelingly the better;” fire Brazile, Wallace, Cavuto, Fisher, Fox Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt, “and other tainted anti-Trumpers” in a “corporate Reign of Terror;” and “place at the helm a young Roger Ailes-type who understands the original mission of FNC to be ‘fair and balanced’ and not CNN lite.”

The late Ailes resigned from Fox News in 2016 after former anchor Gretchen Carlson and more than a dozen other female Fox News employees accused him of sexual harassment.

“So true, a must read!” was the president’s comment on this article.

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