Trump Unleashes Busted Fire Hose of False Election Claims in Rambling Tweetstorm

Donald Trump

Photo credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images

A hunkered-down President Donald Trump, who hasn’t held a public event in nearly a week, unleashed a rambling tweetstorm on Tuesday night that pushed numerous conspiracies about election fraud, dredged up past grievances against Obama and the FBI, and ended with him frantically retweeting his own posts from just hours earlier.

In the span of less than two hours, Trump posted 22 times, for an average of one every five minutes. Some were retweets of pro-Trump Republicans or conservative media outlets propagating his baseless campaign narrative alleging widespread voter fraud while others were quick, mostly angry one-liners from Trump. At least three of the posts had been flagged by Twitter as having made disputed claims about the election.

There president began his assault on the nation’s election integrity by tweeting out several articles from conservative media outlets that allege voting malfeasance in Michigan and Philadelphia.

He then segued to a quoting an outrageous and completely unproven claim by Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, which falsely suggests every state’s results should be questioned.

From there, he hammered longtime foil Andrew McCabe and then took a whiplash-inducing turn to praise Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his cabinet official’s outrage-igniting snark about preparing to transition into a “second Trump administration.”

Another shot at McCabe followed 10 minutes later, which was quickly followed up praise for a “brave patriot” who claimed to have witnessed voting irregularities in Pennsylvania, only to recant and admit he fabricated his claims when interviewed by postal inspectors on Tuesday.

After retweeting one of the fraud allegations stories he had just retweeted not even an hour earlier, Trump retweeted a Trump campaign staffer’s “statistical case” against a Biden win. In that video, the staffer admits that his claims are purely circumstantial. Then it was off to an Obamagate hit on the previous administration.

Not long after that, Trump falsely attacked a “rigged election” in a quote-tweet of the Dilbert comic artist Scott Adams, who had predicted several weeks ago that Trump would win re-election in 2020. But now Adams was pushing an absurd Big Brother-like conspiracy that claimed the public was being “brainwashed” into believing the election was fair and Biden had won.

In fact, an overwhelming majority of the public has already accepted Biden’s win, as a Reuters poll released on Tuesday found that nearly eight out of 10 Americans —including six in 10 Republicans — have accepted that the Democratic nominee will be the next president. Only three percent of Americans called Trump the winner.

The president then retweeted a call by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who offered up a huge $1 million reward for evidence of voter fraud earlier on Tuesday.

That generous enticement, however, when Pennsylvania’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman jokingly put in his own claim for the prize — and cast some pro football aspersions for good measure — by citing an actual case of attempted voter fraud…by a Trump supporter.

After circling back to three of his own tweets from Tuesday morning, Trump wound up the online fury with a retreat to his most comfortable home on TV: Fox News primetime. Posting without comment a long, anti-Biden soliloquy by Laura Ingraham

All in all, it was the most visible evidence of Trump’s effort on a day when the daily number of coronavirus cases broke another record and more than 1,300 Americans died, per a Covid Tracking Project tweet posted not long before Trump’s tweet tirade began.

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