Twitter Notes the First Workday of 2021 Starts With Slack Being Down: ‘Finally, Slack Lives Up to Its Name’

No, it’s not just you. Slack, the collaborative work platform that allows a work team to a web- or client-based format, is down for what appears to be nearly everybody. And the fact that arguably the most important means of communication for most digital publishing outlets is not properly functioning—on the first workday of 2021 — is not lost on many.

Slack has noted the outage via their @SlackStatus Twitter account, saying customers “may experience issues connecting to Slack to loading channels at this time”:

And they have told at least one Twitter user named Brian, that they are currently working on a solution:

Fortunately for many in the media business, the online collaborative platform that is the most likely distraction from being productive, Twitter, is currently working. This is providing the opportunity for blue-checked Twitter accounts of all stripes and persuasions to comment in a comedic manner, many of which have been aggregated here for your reading pleasure. To wit:



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