U.S. Marks Highest Covid Death Toll Since May as Cases and Hospitalizations Continue to Rise

Coronavirus - CDC Image

The United States has reached the highest daily death toll since early May.

The COVID Tracking Project shared data Wednesday confirming that deaths from coronavirus are on an alarming rise, marking 2,284 deaths — the highest since May 7th.

Cases and hospitalizations are also at record highs, with the former at 183,000 today and the latter at 90,000.

Pretty much every state is being hit with alarming covid surges, the Midwest in particular. Per Reuters:

The Midwest – encompassing a dozen states between Ohio and the Dakotas – has been especially brutalized. Reported case rates are more than double that of any other region in the United States, according to the COVID Tracking Project, a volunteer-run data provider. From mid-June to mid-November, reported cases in the Midwest rose more than twentyfold.

For the week ending November 19, North Dakota reported an average of 1,769 daily new cases per 1 million residents, according to the tracking project. South Dakota recorded nearly 1,500 per million residents, Wisconsin and Nebraska around 1,200, and Kansas nearly 1,000. Even in New York’s worst week in April – with business closed and panic gripping the public – the state never averaged more than 500 new cases per million people. California never topped 253.

Public health officials have been encouraging families to follow the guidelines and continue to social distance appropriately heading into Thanksgiving, though there’s been reports that millions of Americans are traveling for Thanksgiving anyway.

Meanwhile, some high-profile politicians — including the governors of New York and California — have come under fire for hypocrisy on the guidelines Americans should be following.

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