Visualised: how we are searching for Election 2020

We have two major dataviz projects launching this week which shed some light on how 2020 is showing up in the way we search. One is a realtime explorer around voting issues, the other shows how this eleciton is different to those that went before.


Over 75 million people have already voted as I write this – how is that reflected in search? As part of ProPublica’s Electionland Project, this visual (built by Pitch Interactive) shows searches spiking above average for topics around voting. It updates every day and will switch on election day (Nov 3) to issues around in-person voting and update every few minutes.

Waves of Interest

How is 2020 different to other elections? This visual shows every election since 2004 in search so that users can see how subjects have changed over the years. It’s designed by Moritz Stefaner and is pretty beautiful.

You can read about how the Truth & Beauty team made this project here.

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